Thursday, October 2, 2008


Happy Navratri
Jai Mata Di

The Navratri is observed during the nine days period from, pratipada (1st tithi) to Navami (9th tithi) of the bright fortnight of the month of Ashwin (September-October). During this period Goddess Durga, the embodiment of might and maternal care, is worshipped with almost devotion. The legend is that two demons Shumbh and Nishumbh, became so powerful that their atrocities made the gods leave their seats of power and flee for life. With no solution in sight all the gods got together and prayed to the primordial power to save them. They continued to worship & prayer for nine days, where on the primordial power (Aadi Shakti) appeared in the form of Durga and took upon herself the combined might of all the gods and annihilated the demons. As such it is the worship of divine force to overcome evil forces. During the nine days period, fasting and austere living is adopted. Mother goddess is worshipped with devotion. Devotees concentrate their worship on the idols or photos of Mother Gayatri as well and perform ?Laghu anushthaan? as described under the chapter ?Navaratri anushthaan? else where in this almanac. On the concluding day, the Goddess is given devotional adieu, beseeching to visit again next year. It is believed that the Pooja and Anushthaan performed in this duration is highly propitious, to get over the evil forces and to sail safe through the turbulent life.

Happy Navratri.....

Subh Navaratri

Maa Bhagwati Aapki Har Manokamna Ko Pura Kare Aisi Maa Durga Se Mein Prathna Karta Hoon !!